brilliantly she shines

a fiery opal

full of radiance

heaven of stars contained in

a tiny body

uninhibited magic and love

encased in a crystal shell

look inside

see her



She is divine and just fine on her own

She is not the kind of girl whose beauty commands the eyes of every man in the room.

In fact, you may not even notice her, at first.

She has a quiet, gentle grace about her. 

When noticed by the right kind of man, he is captivated, because he knows she is not like the rest.

She is not interested in competing for center stage, with loud laughs and giggles and flinging of the hair like the other girls.

She walks in power, independent, strong and peaceful.

Quietly and confidently she goes about, enjoying life’s little moments.

She will never beg for your attention even if she craves it.

She will not manipulate and pout.

She only desires that which is freely and sincerely given, 

from someone who has taken the time to get to know her and appreciates all that she is and has to offer.

She is sweet but not weak

She is wild but not crazy

She is goddess, she is warrioress, and she is just fine on her own

Come to her as divine

Or do not come to her at all. 


She walks through her life feeling

Unheard and unknown

Surrounded by those that claim to love

But feeling so alone

Living in a world of boxes she doesn’t fit in

A world of clocks that

Just keep tickin

A cruel reminder 

that our time here

Is short

Perhaps that’s a blessing 

cuz this world is a mess and

It’s made a mess of her head

Wanting to live

But feeling dead

No one sees her 

She’s like a ghost

Looked over 

Passed by

When she reveals her soul

They look in horror

And back away in fear

No one wants to talk about what’s real

How we really feel

Content to discus the weather

And their cashmere sweaters

And how their kids are better

Filling the world so full

Of noise until

We can’t hear our hearts

Impressing each other with our stuff

And our smarts

Filling our shopping carts

With poison passed off as food

Buying into the lie that it’s good

Cuz the scientist said so

How can we be

So intelligent 

And yet so incredibly dumb

We’ve become

A world full of zombies

Feeding on brains

But having no soul


I am a piece of the All

little universe

a gyroscope of ever changing energies



black holes devouring

stars exploding into cosmic butterflies

galaxies upon unseen galaxies

swirl and spin

a chaotic choreographed dance

journey through infinite space

unknowable force

magnetic pull

deeper and deeper we go

destination unknown

and I Am

a piece of the All